The PLOVDIV REGATTA VENUE is the biggest artificial regatta venues in the Balkan Peninsula that also takes pride in being famous for one of the fastest in the world. Situated both inside the city of Plovdiv and in a protected area part of Natura 2000 network it simultaneously offers the advantage of close and convenient hotel accommodation and tourist attraction as well as beautiful natural environment.

Situated southwest– northeast at an altitude of 161m, the Plovdiv Regatta Venue is sheltered from the wind by a thick treeline that ensures equal conditions across all racing lanes, no matter what the weather is. The relatively high temperatures and low humidity provide weather suitable for rowing.
The venue is 2300 m long and 3 m deep and provides top-quality rest areas, massage room, food court, etc.


The prevailing winds are light tail in line with the direction of the racing course and the nearby river, providing equal racing conditions for all athletes.
The average WIND SPEED during the day is 1.85 meters per second.
The predominating wind conditions are calm in 75% of the daytime. See the enclosed weather chart.

Plovdiv Regatta Venue

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