Visit from the Minister of Youth and Sports in Plovdiv

The Minister of youth and sports Krassen Kralev visited Plovdiv where he discussed the organization of the World University Rowing Championship for men and women in 2018. He met with the representative of the World Rowing Federation, FISA, Michael Williams, the deputy-mayor of Plovdiv Georgi Tityukov, the chairman of the Bulgarian Rowing Federation Svilen Neikov, the representative of the parliament Jeihan Ibryamov and representatives of the Organizing committee of the championship.

Michael Williams from FISA expressed his high opinion about the rowing channel in Plovdiv but voiced his concern about the delay in the building of a second channel in the second biggest city in Bulgaria. He said that Plovdiv has a great experience in organizing all kind of sport events, but the next World championship in 2018 is a much bigger forum with over 30 active categories and much more participants than the previous ones in Plovdiv. ‘That is why the city must prepare very well for the championship’, said Michael Williams from FISA. He was confident that if Plovdiv has second rowing channel the city will have much more opportunities to host all kinds of rowing championships. There will be World Youth Rowing Championship in 2017 in Plovdiv that will be a test regatta.

The deputy mayor Georgi Tityukov said that for the past 3 years the Municipality of Plovdiv has been working on the project for ecological park “Marica” that includes the building of the second channel. The municipality of Plovdiv have also invested over 7 million leva in the existing channel. The delay of the second channel is due to pending court appeals the last of which is scheduled for February 2017. The Municipality of Plovdiv has another option – in order to make things faster it may announce public contract now so it will be ready to start the building of the channel as soon as possible. The deputy mayor Georgi Tityukov declared that the Municipality of Plovdiv and the City council are resolved to build a second rowing channel in Plovdiv. “Bulgaria is making everything possible in order to support the rowing and canoe federations in the country because these sports are very successful here”, said Krassen Kralev. “The managers of both federations have the trust of the Ministry of youth and sport. In addition to the financial support our strategy is to encourage these federations to become hosts of such tournaments. The building of a second rowing channel in Plovdiv is a key factor for these sports and that is why the Ministry of youth and sports totally supports this project”, added Krassen Kralev. He expressed his opinion that the second channel is very important for the development of the sport in Bulgaria.

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