The canoeing course transforms into a rowing one in just 10 hours in Plovdiv

35 technicians, rowers and volunteers will transform the Rowing channel in Plovdiv from canoeing course into a rowing course for the World Rowing Under 23 Championship. This will happen in the night of 16th of July and on the next morning the rowing channel will be suitable for boats ranging 7.5 to 18 meters in length. The course will be exactly 2000 meters long and the finish will be in front of the grand stand.

Plovdiv will be a world rowing capital this summer as it will host the European Canoeing Championship which will take place from 14th to 16th of July followed by the World Rowing Championship that will take place from 19th to 23rd of July.

“There will be two major competitions at the Rowing channel in just 12 days. This is a great challenge which we haven’t faced yet. We have only the night of the 16th of July in order to prepare the canoeing course. We have excellent communication with the organizers of the European canoeing championship and we will fulfill our part of the agreement. I am sure that everything will be fine provided there are no extreme situations as bad weather or very strong wind”, said the major organizer Ivan Popov.

There are six major and two provisional lanes for the World Rowing Championship that will take place from 19th to 23rd of July. Each one of them is 12.5 meters wide.

“We will have to change the channel after the European Canoeing Championship. The distances are different – 200 to 5000 meters. The width of the lanes is 9 meters. This means that we can’t use the same equipment for the rowing. Even the starting device is different and it can’t be used on our boats so we will have to change everything”, explained Ivan Popov.

The World Rowing Federation FISA has a contract with the Swiss company Swiss Timing. They measure the time with great accuracy and also provide photo finish for each race. The same method is used in Formula 1 and skiing.

In the recent years Plovdiv established itself as an excellent host for rowing championships. The second largest city in Bulgaria accepted the European Rowing Championship in 2011, the World Youth Rowing Championship in 2013 and the World Rowing Under 23 Championship in 2015.

Bulgaria applied for the World Cup regatta in 2019 and for the World Rowing Under 23 Championship in 2020. The applications will be discussed on the 10th of July at the FISA meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Last year the European Canoeing Under 23 Championship took place in Plovdiv. There will also be World Rowing Championship and World Canoeing Under 23 Championship in 2018.


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