"The Boat of friendship" – symbol of the World Rowing under 23 championships

The Olympic champions in Rowing Rumiana Neikova, Svetla Otsetova and Stoianka Gruicheva, the chairman of the Bulgarian Rowing Federation Svilen Neikov, the Deputy mayor of Plovdiv Georgi Tityukov, the president of the World Rowing Under 23 Championship organizing committee  Ivan Popov and the director of directorate "Sport and Youth activities" in Plovdiv Peter Zehtinski were the first ones who left wishes and autographs on "The Boat of friendship”.

"Walking on Water", the champions and leaders unite their wishes for the upcoming big event. "The Boat of friendship" will be on the rowing channel also during World Cup awards ceremonies and the winners will leave their autographs on the boat too. "We all hope to have new champions in rowing. Organizing such a big championships in our country is the way to engage more children with sport which is also a very important component of building future successes. It is good that there will be a direct TV broadcasting, which will increase the interest in sports." said Rumyana Neykova.

In the face of Bulgaria, in particular Plovdiv and the organizing committee, the International Rowing Federation sees a good and secure partner for the realization of major championships.

The accumulated experience has a great importance. The World Championship is a big plus for Bulgarian rowing and for Plovdiv. There are also good financial results for the city because 3000 people will arrive from around the world." said FISA Technical Secretary Svetla Ocetova.

"Such a great championship is always beneficial. Our sport needs more audiences. It is indeed good to be able to engage more children and parents. Children and their relatives will have the chance to come and watch the races, which can lead to results for the sport. Separately we will show Plovdiv and Bulgaria to the world - many people will have the opportunity to see how nice is the city and how nice country we have." said Stoyanka Gruycheva.

"I wish success to all participants - athletes, coaches, teams. The establishment of this Championship is very useful for Bulgaria - as we say, at home the walls help too. We have to use this Championship as a springboard for better future qualifying. Firstly to get to the final in some of the disciplines, and then we can attack the prize places. And a possible good result to stimulate the growing generation for Olympic success. This hosting will open a lot of doors - it is useful for Bulgaria and for the Bulgarian Rowing Federation, for the image of our sport, because it gives us the opportunity to show ourselves to the world as excellent organizers," said the chairman of the Bulgarian Rowing Federation Svilen Neikov.

"Silvia Otsetova was the first one who fight for Plovdiv to organize big championships. And it is nice when you can see your project alive. At the same time, I would like to thank Svilen Neykov - as the Minister of Sport he has made everything for the rowing channel in Plovdiv to organize such a big championships. And the rowing base already has everything we need to be world-class." said Ivan Popov, chairman of the World Cup Organizing Committee.

"I am direct witness to the previous organized championships. I dare to say that the Municipality of Plovdiv, the organizing committee and the federation have the experience and the necessary knowledge for the perfect holding of the most prestigious competitions. We have reciprocity, constant feedback - we work as a team for the excellent organization. I am sure that we will cope with it and it will be a good advertisement for Plovdiv and Bulgaria in the international media." said the Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Georgi Tityukov. It is expected on the World Rowing under 23 championships to arrive representatives of 47 countries.

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